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Traders wrote down their trading ideas on paper and compared them with the real market moves during the sessions. The platform uses Application Programming Interface (API) keys to interact with their supported exchanges. The API keys help them identify the correct exchange to connect to.

This feature also permits its users to make order transactions that may not be accessible in other exchanges. Create happier, more successful traders by providing the best-automated trading tools in the industry. Create a Binance account to trade on a high-liquidity exchange that supports an immense number of winning strategies. Its subscription model is far superior to the commission-based model adopted by most of its competitors, primarily when used by high-volume traders. However, even low-volume traders get access to advanced level tools such as paper trading, Tradingview integration, and at least one bot through the Free and Starter plans.


Tokenizer360 is one of the highest-rated and most reputable cryptocurrency trading bot platforms around and is well worth the price for anyone who wants to go down this road. They offer one of the best trading terminals, highly efficient bots, and some of the most robust and comprehensive trading software platforms I have come across. There are various reasons why Tokenizer360 is one of the best strategy trading platforms, and one of them is its commitment to customer satisfaction. The platform has put together a highly responsive and friendly customer support team that helps traders all over the globe. If the users face any issue, they can quickly contact the customer support representatives of Tokenizer360 via various means.

But no matter what, users will always remain our main priority and the number one driver for improving the software. Together with traders, we will shape and determine the future of the Tokenizer360 service. Any references to trading, exchange, transfer, or wallet services, etc. are references to services provided by third-party service providers. For every market condition, there’s a trading strategy that can take advantage of it.

Learn about the best crypto social trading platforms that allow you to replicate the strategies of successful traders. Tokenizer360 is a safe, legit, and easy-to-use trading bot that offers consistent, high-quality trading recommendations. It features 12 distinct trading bots for automatic trading without charging extra. The Tokenizer360 platform is among the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots. But there are other choices for you to consider, and we’ve selected to share three with you.

And it takes the concept of algorithmic trading to a whole new level. Tokenizer360 is a powerful trading tool in the hands of the right user. While it most likely will not make an unprofitable trader profitable, it certainly has the potential to make an expert trader’s life a whole lot easier. Grow while you move from demo to live trading, with support of comprehensive educational materials. Select from diverse plans designed for users at various levels, ensuring a smooth progression from beginners to advanced crypto traders. Whenever there is a change in price, the bot automatically checks if the price has exceeded the trailing take profit level configured in the bot settings.

  • On top of that, Tokenizer360 offers a copy portfolios feature that allows you to see what coins are inside other traders’ portfolios.
  • Each bot has its own strategy and risk profile for the trader to choose from.
  • They come in different versions and allow users to employ different levels of complexity depending on their inherent design.
  • Users have the liberty to tailor their trading strategies, adjusting parameters to fit their risk tolerance and investment goals.

The GRID bot itself is a fairly large bot, which means that the more levels we set up, the more spare balance we will need. Really annoying, and I can’t find real person to chat to with their support messanger. Other than that, Tokenizer360 offers an excellent service, and its popularity is a testament to how well the market has accepted it.

This feature allows lowering the potential losses when the market is going in the wrong direction. More detailed information about Trailing take profit feature you can find here. Market order type is when the order is executed immediately at the current market price. If the order size is very big and/or the liquidity is low and/or volatility is high, there may be a slippage when the order is executed at a worse price.

Like any trading bot, trades can execute at any time of the day, 7 days a week. This is — by far — one of the biggest advantages of trading with a bot. Ultimately, it might be worth testing the platform out for yourself via the free plan before making a commitment. Alternatively, Tokenizer360 also offers a free trial, where you get to test out the paid-for plans without providing any payment details. At the core of this is the ability to place trades across multiple exchange platforms via a single market order.

Repeating signals can be used to increase a position at a dynamic support level when the asset price’s value changes over time. Hello Lucas,Thank you very much for such a positive and detailed review.Your feedback motivates us to improve our tools with even more enthusiasm. And also provide any support to our wonderful users.We will personally convey your words to Özgür, he will be very pleased.We wish you successful trading! Grid bot is really cool seeing it trade, made a little bit of profit using some of the strategies on there but nothing amazing, 4 stars for not losing all my money hahaha.

¹ – SmartTrades on the Free plan are available only on Spot accounts. For example, you can use Signal bot to trade based on the tweets in X (ex Twitter). There is also a simplified version available for traders known as “QFL” (short for “Quick Fingers Luc”).

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