TokenTact Review An Excellent Crypto Trading Bot Updated 2024

We know that crypto exchanges have different liquidity levels for the same crypto pairs. In the web interface, the concept of Gordon Bots is synonymous with Bot Presets. If you are active via the web interface, you must access the “Presets” section to choose from a wide range of already set bots. You can choose any profitable bot, look at the profit summary, and “start” the bot. Setting up DCA bots can be overwhelming for new traders, who aren’t always sure about navigating the interface.

While TokenTact focuses on providing trading strategy automation, Shrimpy focuses on portfolio automation. Both Shrimpy and TokenTact provide ways to track a portfolio of crypto assets. I’m impressed with the speed that TokenTact bot place orders, happy with my profits and love how much you can tweak the DCA with many variables. It’s a platform you can trust; however remember it’s not a magic tool to make everyone profitable. I hope they will listen to people’s feedback and improve in many aspects.

Coinbase Advanced competitive fee schedule operates on a maker/taker system ranging from 0.25% to 0% depending on the monthly trading volume of the user. Last but not least, Surfshark offers 76% off + two months free to the Scam Detector readers. So, if you want your data removed from the Internet, sign-up HERE. It is hard to make everyone happy, so if you believe that this 95.50 rating needs to be lower or even higher, you could make your word count. No, is not a scam website, but it’s your duty to spot the red flags every time you are engaging in an online transaction.

This is why TokenTact has the Gordon Bots in place, which are standard DCA bots but with prior setups handled. You simply need to add these bots to your trades by giving minor tweaks to the price levels. You can set custom notifications and rebalance your portfolio directly by selling other assets for USDT or BTC.

TokenTact review

TokenTact is a powerful trading tool in the hands of the right user. While it most likely will not make an unprofitable trader profitable, it certainly has the potential to make an expert trader’s life a whole lot easier. With any package, users get access to features such as portfolio dashboard, TradingView integration, access to mobile apps, and all the 18+ supported exchanges. In a nutshell, the TradingView signal finder will scan the cryptocurrency trading markets on a micro-second by micro-second basis, with the view of finding potential profit signals. However, before we unravel the main features of the automated bots, it is important to note that you cannot install technical analysis metrics into the decision-making process.

Auto trading is an excellent way to capitalize on the bull, bear, and sideways markets, especially with reliable trading bots like those supplied by the TokenTact platform. If you have limited trading knowledge and want to automate your trading, Botsfolio might be a pick. The platform helps you to get started and control your trading experience in a rut.

  • Would use it for all trading accounts management if it would work with classic brokers like IB.
  • Automated trading offers traders more opportunities to seize their gains.
  • Trading bots aren’t perfect, and many people argue that they are manipulating the price of cryptocurrencies.
  • As we mentioned previously, the TokenTact grid bot works within a specified price range, making it ideal for turning a profit in a sideways market.

The TokenTact grid trading uses either an AI strategy or can be set up manually by the user. To give our honest TokenTact grid bot review, we can say that it’s one of the simplest bots to set up on the platform as the gridbot requires very little technical analysis. The best grid trading bot can run unmonitored for weeks, raking in steady profits. Some of the main advantages of crypto bots are that they can perform very complex market analysis across multiple assets in an instant.

Visit the TokenTact website and enter an email address and password in order to register. After confirming your account via clicking the link in the email sent, you will gain access to the dashboard. There is also a common strategy that these brokers use once they are revealed as scams. They change the address of their website and get in contact with old clients to convince them to fall victims once more. In case this happens to you too, do not hesitate to report them and let the world know who they truly are.

The smart terminal provides a way for traders to manage their own order execution without relying on bots to automate the trades. TokenTact offers a wide range of technical indicators, controls, and smart trading features in its smart trading terminal. Continuing the trend, we quickly notice that even in their smart trading terminals, Shrimpy offers portfolio management functionality while TokenTact is focused on more technical aspects of trading.

This is straight out senseless.If above things get improved upon, I’ll gladly update my review. Online features and reviews indicate that TokenTact is a legitimate application. However, we advise you to be careful when doing business and developing trading strategies, because it does not eliminate market risk. Even though Mizar is relatively young, it is a reliable and safe platform backed by big names such as Nexo, Kucoin Labs, Huobi Ventures, Woo Ventures, and more investors. Traders can benefit from various smart trading tools incorporated in the intuitive interface.

95% of crypto traders lose money, mainly driven by emotions, FOMO, bad trading behavior, and little trading knowledge. Where TokenTact offers a 3 day free trial if you signup for their top “Pro” plan. If you are looking for a platform that can manage your crypto trading, TokenTact could be a good choice. It does offer a range of automated trading tools, that once configured are more or less automatic. Building your own trading algos might sound difficult, but TokenTact’s platform is very intuitive. Both platforms target social trading and have multiple good reviews.

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