What Is a Sales Invoice? A Small Business Guide to Create One

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For larger companies, accounting or CRM software platforms often come with more complex templates as well as invoice management tools. These allow a salesperson to generate, send, and monitor invoices in one location. A commercial invoice is designed for international trade documentation. These documents are understandably more complex, as they include customs valuation for products crossing international borders. These documents will include country of origin, product weight, and freight cost. Sales invoices are the key to a company’s finances—a handy way to track what you’ve sold to customers, how much they owe, and when they need to render payment.

The template’s slightly pink background and distinct blue font — both of which are customizable — are sure to leave a lasting impression on your client’s mind. This pertains to the accounting information related to the transaction. This tab allows to enter an exchange rate between the organization’s general ledger currency and customer’s invoice currency. In this tab, the user is allowed to select the invoices being reversed by the invoice being created.

Petty Cash Invoice Template

Create and send customized sales invoices that you can tweak to fit your business model. Whether you run an e-commerce store to sell your handmade goods or own an established local shop, you can choose an invoice below that will suit the unique needs of your company. Create sales invoices quickly and easily so you can focus on building your business. FreshBooks lets you invoice from anywhere what is a sales invoice with cloud-based accounting that gets you paid faster. Sales invoices provide valuable insights into a business’s performance and growth, which can help business owners create useful plans and projections for the future. By analyzing your invoices over long periods of time, you can determine your most and least popular products, identify peak sales times and recognize revenue trends.

Sales Invoice Examples and Templates ensure that strategic success. They can be easily downloaded and used according to the nature of your business. If you have issued several invoices in the same period, file all of them according to dates and make a list. This way, you will be able to track down every sale you’ve done. If you need to submit all of these documents to the auditing department, keep a physical copy and a digital one for safety.


Commercial Sales Invoice Template is easy to download and can be modified. This Sales Invoice Template is available for free on instant https://www.bookstime.com/ download. It makes your work a lot easier since it has all the information in it and your only work is to provide the customer details.

While your invoices might not be a front-facing part of your business, it doesn’t mean they should be plain and boring. To help you get a sense of the design possibilities, we put together a collection of impressive invoice examples that may inspire you to rethink your current design. There might be other variations for other business entities due to their nature of business or own preferences, but this is the common arrangement of the elements in an invoice. For quotation, this refers to the document that will be handed to the customer allowing him to see the costs that would be involved for the work they would like to have done.

Pro Forma Invoice:

If there is a list of products, you will want to provide a brief description along with the unit price and the quantities provided. To make sure you get paid on time, it’s important to make sure the correct information is present on every invoice. Since it’s a legally binding document, you do not want to make any mistakes during the invoice process.

  • This detailed sales invoice is easy to download and can list entire catalog items for sale with its prices.
  • This template can also help in keeping your accounting records aligned with sales.
  • Purchase orders are issued by buyers to authorize a transaction.
  • Whether you run an e-commerce store to sell your handmade goods or own an established local shop, you can choose an invoice below that will suit the unique needs of your company.
  • The additional layout is divided into 4 columns, each with massive space to fill in the requirements.
  • Available on instant download and in multiple formats like Pages, Sheets, Ms Word and Ms Excel among others, this template is readymade.
  • Use this sales invoice to quickly create a similar document in a matter of minutes.

Free Commercial Sales Invoice templates are simple and easy to use formats to bill your customers. It records the details and keeps a good track of your business activity. If you run a grocery store then this template can be used for the convenience of your customers. Commercial Sales Invoice Template can be of great use for both large and small scale businesses. It works as a record of order details with its sales price and the time and date of dispatch. This template keeps a record of all the business activities in terms of buying and selling.

Resources for Your Growing Business

The commercial invoice acts as both a contract and proof of sale. Tax rates can vary by location, so you want to make sure you provide the sales tax rate that is appropriate. Some goods and services also have different rates depending on state and federal laws. For example, certain types of machinery are taxed at different rates in some states depending on usage. You should always make sure to spell out when the payment is due.

  • Sales Management Invoice comes with perceptible details of the management system and analysis of Customer Behaviour.
  • This template keeps a record of all the business activities in terms of buying and selling.
  • Invoicing is one of the most important and often time-consuming parts of bookkeeping.
  • If a large job is paid out in multiple smaller increments, interim invoices will be submitted, followed by a final invoice when the project is complete.
  • FreshBooks offers an easy-to-use sales invoice template available in PDF, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, and Excel formats to streamline the invoicing process.
  • Rather than a typical sales invoice requesting payment right away, the pro-forma invoice informs the customer what they can expect to pay once the items or services are provided.

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