How to Calculate Cost of Goods Manufactured

cost of goods manufactured calculator

It encompasses material costs, labor costs, and manufacturing overhead, adjusted for the change in work-in-progress inventory. Manufacturing overhead refers to the indirect costs that a company incurs during production over a specific period. Prime cost is the total manufacturing cost excluding the value of direct materials. Prime cost can also be defined as the sum of direct labor costs, factory burden (overhead) and material conversion costs. Direct labor refers to an organization’s labor cost in preparing, assembling, and manufacturing its goods with raw materials. However, production software such as a capable manufacturing ERP system continuously tracks all manufacturing costs and inventory movements and calculates both COGM and COGS automatically.

cost of goods manufactured calculator

As a business, it’s essential to calculate your finished goods to keep track of the quantity and value of your inventory. It’s crucial for managing your stock levels and ensuring that enough of your finished products are available to meet demand. For example, a manufacturing company that produces bottles will see it as a finished product and categorize it as a finished good. Its retailer customers, however, may be using the bottle to package their products and consider it packaging materials inventory.

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When using a finished goods calculator, you need to ensure you add accurate and up-to-date inputs, including the correct quantity and cost per unit for each finished product. Below is a step-by-step cost of goods manufactured calculator process on how to calculate finished goods inventory with our finished goods calculator. Here’s everything you need to know about finished goods inventory and how to calculate it.

This means that when it comes to managing your manufacturing accounting, all those numbers will already be there and ready to go. A high rate indicates that the company’s manufacturing operations may not be utilizing the resources available as efficiently as they should. On the other hand, a low rate points towards effective and efficient resource use. Deskera People is a simple tool for taking control of your human resource management functions.

Why is COGM Important for Companies?

The Cost of Goods Manufactured Calculator is a specialized tool designed to compute the total production cost of goods completed during a specific period. This calculator factors in several key components of manufacturing expenses, providing a comprehensive overview of the costs involved in bringing a product from raw materials to a finished state ready for sale. Cost of goods sold (COGS) refers to the direct costs of producing the goods sold by a company. This amount includes the cost of the materials and labor directly used to create the good.

cost of goods manufactured calculator

With this information, they can modify their business plans and think of ways to increase revenues. These tasks could include marketing, establishing new partnerships, or automating processes. As a result, you can lower your dish wash liquid price and contact grocery owners for resale.


The formula to calculate cost of goods sold is beginning finished goods inventory balance + cost of goods sold minus ending finished goods inventory balance. After calculating its COGM for the year, a business transfers the value to a completed goods inventory account. This final inventory report pertains to services, goods, and products made available to consumers.

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